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OnePlus used the OnePlus 6 (5 at Amazon) to take part on the Android P beta program, and in late September released OxygenOS 9.0 with Android Pie for the OnePlus 6. The fun doesn't stop there for OnePlus users, though. The company recently announced in a forum post that several of its phones will receive Android Pie: The genealogy sites themselves are keen to reassure customers that privacy is their No. 1  priority.

You can also take things one step further by putting your entire smart home on vacation mode. For instance, put a television or radio on a schedule with a smart plug or something like the Logitech Harmony Hub. Not only would you have lights on a schedule, but you could have the TV playing for a few hours at night to really make it more convincing. A similar option for those without full dorm kitchens is a ready-made meal delivery service -- all they'll have to do is heat and eat (sometimes not even heat). We reviewed Sakara, a plant-based, superfood-centric meal delivery service that includes breakfast and snack options as well as lunch and dinner, but again, you have your pick of meal delivery services.

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Informes recientes han revelado que el ELN, que está especialmente activo a lo largo de la frontera con Venezuela, ha aumentado considerablemente sus filas con venezolanos en condición desesperada que huyen, en un éxodo masivo, de la crisis económica y el caos político de su país. Las fronteras porosas de Colombia con Venezuela y Brasil ya son vulnerables al tráfico ilícito de drogas, gasolina y coltán, un mineral que se usa en casi todos los dispositivos electrónicos. Si a los incendios en Bolivia y Brasil sumamos otros factores como el aislacionismo de Estados Unidos y la carencia de una política articulada desde Washington sobre América Latina (más allá de su deseo de destituir a Nicolás Maduro del poder en Venezuela), las condiciones son propicias para la inestabilidad regional. If there's one choice we'd leave off of the list, it's the Tesla Model 3. Foremost, it's a sedan with a traditional trunk -- not a hatchback. Understandably, it made the list for the viral Dog Mode feature that keeps pups cool in the car while the owner is away. It's certainly a nifty addition, but overall, the other options will travel better for dogs. May we also take this moment to absolutely underscore the Model 3 is not a fully autonomous car as Autotrader incorrectly states. The Model 3 is a fine electric car, and a wonderful vehicle in general, but we'd perhaps slot the Subaru Outback in its place. It's definitely doggo-approved with tons of cargo space.

The Lao women had won again. Other automakers' pilot subscription programs have functioned very differently from Volvo's scheme, including Book By Cadillac, which was halted, only to be rebooted after a cold reception by consumers. The initial program called for hefty ,800 monthly payments, but allowed users to swap vehicles 18 times per year to suit their needs, from sedans to SUVs. Mercedes-Benz Collection, the German automaker's subscription plan, has a similar structure, with varying vehicle access by tier, costing between ,595 and ,995 a month. 

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Log InAt Annabel’s, which reopened last year as a full-service members’ venue, there is no shining white, taupe or ash gray in sight. Brudnizki has instead created a rainbow to rival that of Loulou’s (the two are, in fact, in fervid competition): The Rose Room is carnation and chalky green with a gold-leafed coffered ceiling; a ladies’ powder room is a tented pink-on-pink chandeliered jewel box. For the interior architect, who also designed the Beekman hotel in Manhattan and the Coral Room at the Bloomsbury in London with similarly clubby panache, color still retains a bit of novelty. Although Brudnizki has lived in England for nearly two decades, he grew up in a modern house in Stockholm, Sweden — a country that largely rejects bright tones indoors. The son of a Polish father and German mother, he spent his early years worshiping muscular, neutral-hued minimalists, especially the Iraqi-born British architect Zaha Hadid. Coming to the United Kingdom to study architecture unexpectedly “released” the full spectrum inside him, he says. The sunshine-yellow-walled, epically swagged drawing room of Nancy Lancaster’s apartment above the former location of the London interior design firm started by Sibyl Colefax and John Fowler never strays far from his consciousness. “She knew that what matters most is not the color but the tone,” he says. “If it is vibrating at the right frequency, there is no limit to what you can use.” The 35-year-old Heuman, a fellow Swede and protégé of the still-working English society decorator and septuagenarian cabaret performer Nicky Haslam, favors a powerful cerulean against coral or tangerine in her interiors; Konig is fond of watermelon red with powder blue. Apple on Monday released iOS 12.4.1 to fix a vulnerability that could have allowed a "malicious application" to execute code on a device, the company said in a security update. The update comes a week after hackers reportedly seized on a security slip-up, releasing a jailbreak for iOS 12.4.