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Take Mr. Bolsonaro’s attempt to tackle one of the biggest challenges of his presidency: reforming the nation’s insolvent pension system, which economists see as a ticking bomb that the world’s ninth-largest economy must defuse to avert a crisis. VIENNA — They are fixtures at the antigovernment protests every Thursday night in the Austrian capital, older women wearing hand-knit hats in purples, reds and blues. They like to march between the shouting students and the masked anti-fascists, waving to onlookers and hoping to catch someone’s eye long enough to exchange a smile.

Years Ago, My Sister Vanished. I See Her Whenever I Want. (2019) The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. We’d like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. Here are some tips. And here's our email: letters@nytimes.com.

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Mr. Welser-Möst’s gift for letting scores breathe, unrushed and unruffled yet taut, serves “Ariadne” particularly well. The vitality of instrumental details enhances, rather than distracts from, the coherence of the drama. Moments like the briefest impression of violins tuning in the prologue, and the quiver of flute in the opera proper at the mention of leaves rustling, don’t ever stop the dialogue in its tracks; indeed, they propel it forward. A health scare in 2008 inspired Ms. Valerio to pick running back up and she hasn’t stopped since. Running hasn’t transformed her physique, or turned her into a slender reed, but it doesn’t have to, and that’s the point. Her belief is that no matter what size your body is, it’s meant to move, and you shouldn’t feel as if you can’t do an activity or sport just because of how you look.

Earlier this year, Johnnie Barto, a pediatrician in Johnstown, Penn., was sentenced to up to 158 years in prison for sexual abuse. Earl Bradley, a pediatrician in Lewes, Del., was sentenced to 14 life terms in 2011. He was trailing Hillary Clinton by about 25 percentage points, polls showed. “There are some real questions about electability,” one pollster said of him. He was even losing to Clinton among African-American voters — “one more indication of just how steep a climb remains for his campaign to overtake Clinton,” Politico wrote.

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Log InThe elimination of an entire discipline from our curriculum will not, as some might think, better prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow. Rather, it will turn them into insufferable poets, attuned only to their own monologues, adept at writing sestinas and sonnets but unable to survive without the constant hum of technology that does everything for them, no questions asked. ‘LITTLE WOMEN’ at the Cherry Lane Theater (previews start on May 15; opens on June 4). Meg, Jo, Beth (poor Beth) and Amy are taking their unparalleled sister act to Primary Stages. Kate Hamill, who has created lively versions of “Pride and Prejudice” and “Vanity Fair,” adapts the March sisters to the stage. Sarna Lapine directs, and Hamill stars as Meg, with Kristolyn Lloyd as Jo. 866-811-4111, primarystages.org